KRSS GC-Workstation<sup>TM</sup> mass spectrometer and chromatography parts, accessories and consumables, ms noise vacuum pump enclosures
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KRSS GC-WorkstationTM

KRSS GC-Workstation<sup>TM</sup> mass spectrometer and chromatography parts and accessories

Constructed from durable materials including a Trespa™ chemically resistant work surface, the GC-Workstation™ features built in MS-QuietBoxII™ noise reduction system available for single vacuum pumps which reduced noise by 15 db(A) and maintain pump temperature with integral thermal fans. Other features include a retractable keyboard and mouse table,LCD screen mounting, solvents cupboard and fused power outlets which together provide up to 30% saving in laboratory space.

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  • Manufactured from Trespa* chemically resistant work top (*where specified)
  • Mounted on lockable wheels
  • Supports loads up to 450Kg
  • Sound insulation using ‘O’ fire rated foam
  • Foil lined interior to prevent oil contamination
  • Retractable keyboard/mouse tray as standard
  • LCD Screen mounting as standard
  • Solvent waste cupboard
  • Magnetic access panels
  • CE Marked
Save valuable lab space
Features include a retractable keyboard and mouse table, LCD screen mounting, and space for PC, solvents cupboard and fused power outlets which together provide up to 30% saving in laboratory space.

No need to leave access space at the rear of the GC

Mounted on solid lockable casters the GC-WorkstationTM allows for the instruments to be located against a wall or other system, when required the complete system can be moved for maintenance or relocation purposes.

All round access
Magnetic access panels allows for easy access to the control PC.

Unique slide out pump tray

A sliding pump tray allows full access to the pumps, filters and connectors..

Quieter working environment

The GC-Workstation features a built in MS-QuietBox IITM noise reduction system (where specified) available for single or double vacuum pumps which reduces noise by 15 dB(a) (75%) and maintains pump temperature with integral fans.

Maintain optimum pump temperature
Automatic thermal fans adjust speed to the ambient temperature. Designed to keep power consumption and noise levels at minimum and deliver high performance cooling when required.

Audible & visual alarm (on a battery back-up)
The MS-QuietBox II features a digital temperature display with a battery backup and audible/visual alarm as standard.

Fire resistant not fire retardant
Our high density ‘0’ fire rated foam is manufactured by impregnating standard foam with liquid carbon which is dried leaving a fire resistant sound absorption material which is able to withstand various ignition sources. This end product is fire resistant not fire retardant, the difference being that fire retardant foam will burn until the ignition source is removed, whereas our foam will not burn.

Delivery and Installation
Unlike some mobile workbench manufacturers, our innovative design allows us to install the GC-Workstation within your laboratory* rather than just delivering to your goods in. Our standard frame size is only 770cm (30.3 inches) deep and if necessary your on-site maintenance team can remove the top surface to manoeuvre the GC-Workstation into your designated laboratory. *Subject to survey.