DataApex Clarity GCxGC Extension mass spectrometer and chromatography parts, accessories and consumables, ms noise vacuum pump enclosures
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DataApex Clarity GCxGC Extension

DataApex Clarity GCxGC Extension mass spectrometer and chromatography parts and accessories

The Clarity GC×GC Extension is a tool developed for visualizing and processing two-dimensional chromatographic data.

It is an optional extension for the Clarity and Clarity Offline Chromatography Stations version 6.0 and newer. It expands the capability of Clarity Chromatography software by providing interactive analysis and compound identification in chromatograms measured on any gas chromatograph equipped by two columns and a modulator.

In a typical GCxGC system, the separaton in the first column is based on boiling point, while separation in the second dimension is determined by the polarity of compounds. This will generate highly structured two-dimensional chromatograms.

  • Isoplot view
  • Uncut chromatogram view
  • 2nd retention time view
  • Interactive graphs
  • Quantification
  • Control of modulators (part of p/n A23 GC control module)